SIEM as a Service

Managed SIEM Services

In today’s changing technological and economic climates, cybersecurity has never been more important. How do you keep your organization’s information secure and industry compliant? A SIEM might be the answer. But what is SIEM?

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Managed SIEM Services

Cybersecurity has never been more crucial in today’s modern technological and economic climate. Using SIEM as a service might be the answer to keeping your company’s data secure and industry compliant. But what is SIEM?

What is SIEM?
In short, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is software that collects data from your system, monitors and analyzes the data for potential security risks, and then takes appropriate action against those risks. SIEM was created to monitor entire IT networks for unusual activity or behaviours that could affect an organization’s’ internal or external systems. SIEM systems have been working so well that businesses of all types have begun implementing them to protect against advanced and persistent threats from ransomware, SQL injection attacks, and data breaches against their systems.

Why is SIEM an Integral Part of Information Security Architecture?
SIEM takes in large amounts of complex information and provides a single channel to find security incidents or events. Having a centralized log analysis tool gives organizations a singular view of data from across all their integrated systems. A SIEM can filter through thousands of different actions pinpoint a security threat, how the threat occurred, and if the threat is associated with any other potential breaches. This type of centralized log analysis is now crucial to an organization that takes their data security seriously. The FDIC actually mandates centralized log analysis for banks that want to remain compliant.

CyberHunter delivers a robust, scalable log management solution that offers:

  • Mainstream device support
  • Event source monitoring
  • Event log and network flow data consolidation
  • In-depth, extensive analytics
  • Network, virtualization, and application intelligence
  • Identity and location insights
  • Configuration (and configuration change monitoring)
  • Database security, availability, and suspicious activity monitoring
  • A powerful, layer 7 rules engine
  • Real-time and historical cross-correlation
  • Prioritized, valid security incidents with correlated detail
  • Dynamic dashboards, topology maps, and notifications
  • Real-time and long-term search with a web-like query and iterative filtering
  • Directory service integrated and custom asset and user grouping
  • Compliance and standards-based reports
  • Optimized event repository
  • Event log data integrity secured by HMAC
  • Unlimited online data retention
  • Performance and coverage capacity

Compliance Automation
CyberHunter’s SIEMaaS (SIEM as a Service) has full log aggregation, real-time event correlation, and online data retention. We’ve developed customized rules and reports mapped to leading management and SOX, PIPEDA, HIPAA, COBIT and PCI DSS compliance standards.

CyberHunter automates audit and control processes by incorporating a current and fully automated CMDB, statistical profiling, and identity binding for complete access records. Our compliance engine automates the enforcement of IT controls and problem resolution to ensure compliance is a part of everyday operations rather than a time-consuming managed project.

Advanced Threat Management
Advanced Threat Management is achieved from a combination of Stratejm’s SIEMaaS’ robust features including:

  • Security device analysis
  • sFlow and NetFlow data
  • CMDB classifications
  • Statistical anomaly detection
  • CPU, memory, network, and disk performance monitoring
  • Threat feeds and advanced rules

CyberHunter provides SIEMaaS for organizations across almost any industry. We’re happy to install and manage SIEM software for you and enhance your cybersecurity system as an extension of your existing security team.

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