Microsoft Azure Cloud Monitoring

Azure Performance Monitoring with eG Enterprise

Monitor your Azure environment (cloud infrastructure, VMs, and hosted applications) from a single console

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Performance Assurance for Azure Cloud Environments

CyberHunter offers a cumulative performance monitoring solution for the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Whether you’re running production applications in the Azure cloud or are in the process of migrating applications, CyberHunter can give you the insight to secure the best performance, availability, and user experience possible. Through the combined monitoring of cloud, in-house, and hybrid IT infrastructures, CyberHunter delivers comprehensive performance insights, availability metrics, resource utilization trends, and historical analytics to identify and correct performance-related problems that can be impacting your business.

CyberHunter delivers end-to-end Microsoft Azure monitoring:

– Get correlated visibility of Azure VMs, cloud infrastructure, and hosted applications
– Auto-baseline your Azure environment and get notified of performance variances
– Monitor the customer’s journey as they utilize your cloud applications
– Using built-in analytics and reports, prepare for a smooth migration to Azure
– Ability to work alongside your current IT management frameworks such as Microsoft SCOM, ServiceNow, and more

More than 70% of the time we’re able to react to an event and fix the issue before customers engage our support team, resulting in a cost avoidance of an estimated 15-20%. From an SLA standpoint, CyberHunter drastically improves our performance. CyberHunter utilizes Azure APIs to gather rich performance data and displays it using a web-based dashboard set up for reviewing performance and resolving underlying issues.

– Track network, disk, memory, and CPU utilization trends to determine when to upscale or downscale resources based on demand
– Go beyond the basic Azure Monitor and get access to extensive diagnostics, such as Windows event logs, application logs, and performance counters
– Monitor the status of vital Azure services like cloud services, storage, virtual machines, applications, resource groups, and SQL databases
– Utilize preset reports for historical review, forecasting, compliance, and trending

Monitoring Azure Virtual Machine Performance
CyberHunter provides an in-depth look at the performance and resource leverage metrics of Azure VMs (Windows and Linux).

– Monitor VM resource usage metrics and discover which VMs are using the most resources
– Deploy the Agent in Azure VMs, which can provide an in-depth look at guest OS, applications, and user activity
– Determine which application process is using the most resources inside a VM
– Leverage built-in reports for capacity planning and VM sizing
– Instant support of over 180 applications including Oracle, SAP, Citrix, and SQL Server

Application Performance Monitoring in the Cloud

– Measure performance of Azure applications and track transactions to identify slowdowns
– Get code-level visibility of Azure .NET and Java applications to determine the cause of performance issues
– Monitor user experience on web and mobile platforms in real-time
– Compare application performance insights with infrastructure metrics to determine the root of application issues

Smart Alerting and Problem Detection using Artificial Intelligence
CyberHunter uses exclusive AI that discovers, visualizes, and maps service-level infrastructure dependencies across the Azure production environment. CyberHunter embeds a patented cause-diagnosis technology to detect problems across Azure SaaS, IaaS and PaaS environments quickly and efficiently.

CyberHunter uses machine learning to automatically baseline the Azure cloud infrastructure and trigger notifications based on adaptable and agile baseline thresholds such as the time of day, the day of the week, and more.


– Allows for successful cloud migration and production rollouts in Azure
– Ensures a better digital experience for customers accessing cloud services
– Improved application and service deployments on Azure cloud
– Unifies public, private, and hybrid cloud environment monitoring through CyberHunter
– Optimizes your Azure infrastructure