Cloud Server Monitoring

Simple and Secure Cloud-Based Monitoring

Our cloud monitoring platform can be up and running in a matter of minutes and delivers complete real-time analytics.

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What is Cloud Security?

Cloud-native security software protects data and other resources from hacking, data loss and leaks, and any other potential breach risks just like many other online security and compliance efforts. As these initiatives shift from traditional on-site data centres, they take on new capabilities to confront the security needs of cloud-based architecture and are more agile in performing security functions.

The Cloud Security Challenge

Security teams are feeling the pressure of more organizations moving to the cloud in their search to become more agile. Although skepticism surrounding cloud-based security persists, benefits like continuous delivery and deployment, application uptime, and speed are abundant for DevOps teams. Keeping security as a top priority while using cloud-based technology can enable firms to use cutting-edge security features and controls. Teams can use these security features from the beginning of the application lifecycle. Companies that secure their data through cloud technology and relieve themselves of physical store locations can achieve working, adapting security.

Designed to Be Secure in the Cloud

CyberHunter is a cloud-native secure platform for real-time machine data analytics. Using the AWS infrastructure, CyberHunter delivers these security and compliance standards to protect customer data:

– PCI DSS 3.0 Service Provider Level 1 Certification
– ISO 27001 Certification
– CSA STAR Certification
– SOC 2 Type II & HIPAA Compliance Attestation
– 256 AES Encryption at Rest; TLS Encryption in Transit
– U.S. EU Safe Harbor framework


CyberHunter for Cloud Protection

Working smoothly with AWS, Azure, and other cloud-based services with enhanced security features, CyberHunter provides real-time visualization to identify issues, root causes, and resolve security threats quickly. It leverages activity-monitoring APIs from cloud application vendors for the new level of transparency. Customers can merge activity logs from other cloud solutions (including in-house systems) to create one cloud security platform. Customers can also create flexible reports, dashboards, and security and compliance solutions based on rules, variances, and machine learning from professional services/partners who already use CyberHunter.

Simple and Secure Cloud-Based Monitoring
CyberHunter can be functional within minutes, is easily scalable with growing cloud infrastructure, and can deliver clear and complete real-time analytics.

Security capabilities for cloud apps:

– Monitor user actions and behaviours
– Understand who is logging into the service
– Investigate administrative changes
– View failed/valid login attempts
– Identify anomalous activity that suggests compromised credentials or malicious insider activity

Benefits of cloud security monitoring:

– Monitoring on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365
– Protect critical applications and data
– Reduce monitoring complexity
– Improved efficiency through elite threat intelligence
– Maintain compliance
– Protect cloud and hybrid IT workloads
– Enhance global visibility and reporting
– Effective security for modern IT

CyberHunter Monitoring and Analytics (CMA) Cloud Service enables rapid detection, investigation and remediation of a broad range of security threats across on-premises and cloud IT assets. Security Monitoring and Analytics provides integrated SIEM and UEBA capabilities built with machine learning, user session awareness, and current threat intelligence context.

– AI-Powered Log Analysis to Monitor
– Cloud Environments
– Detect real-time critical events
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– End-to-End visibility into cloud infrastructure and applications
– Enterprise-grade security built by Check Point Software veterans
– Compatible with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Heroku cloud deployments
– AI-Powered Log Analysis to MonitorCloud Environments
– Monitor Your Entire Cloud

The size of your cloud deployment will increase and decrease as the amount of data generated by the IT environment rises and falls. The amount of log data that is produced will change as well. CyberHunter scales itself automatically so that you will only pay for what you ship and so that you won’t lose data from to activity spikes.