AWS & Google Cloud Server Monitoring for PCI Compliance.

Our AI platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and report problems in your cloud and website platforms

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Why you need Cloud Monitoring?

CyberHunter Log Management simplifies the collection, retention and analysis of logs, helping you to improve your security and fulfill key compliance mandates such as PCI DSS.  Log management is a requirement for most compliance specification and is a best practice in the detection and remediation of threats. CyberHunter carries out advanced log data analysis to identify and warn you of potential threats to your organization.

Cloud & Log Monitoring Services

PCI Compliant Log Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Web APP Monitoring

24/7 Threat Detection & Alerting



24 x 7 MONITORING & COMPLIANCE Meet PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, GLBA, GDPR and other logging, storage and analysis compliance requirements.


ADVANCED MACHINE LEARNING ENGINE Detect and manage threat risks to your applications and infrastructure that may be present in your on-premise or cloud network.


UNPARALLELED VISIBILITY Collect and analyze on-premise, cloud (AWS, Google, Azure) or hybrid logs from applications, infrastructure, servers, devices, etc


HEADACHE-FREE STARTUP Launch our SIEM service in just a few minutes with the industry’s most reliable log collectors.


Rapid Deployment

  • Set up log collection in a matter of minutes
  • On-premise (Windows, Linux), AWS (Cloudwatch, Lamda, ELB, CloudFront, S3, Kinesis), Google Cloud, and MS Azure environments
  • Application specific logging (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, MySQL, nginx, apache, HAProxy, IIS, GitLab, etc.)

Log Retention and Storage Environment

  • Up to 365 days of log retention
  • Longer term cold retention available on S3
  • SOC-2 Compliant Environment
  • HIPAA Compliant Environment
  • PCI Level 1 Compliant Environment

Intelligent Machine Learning

  • Advanced analysis using state of the art machine learning algorithms maximum protection
  • Detection of malicious activity
  • Rule-based, automatic alerting
  • Resolve critical issues and threats before they impact business


  • Support for PCI DSS (e.g. Section 10), HIPAA, HITRUST, GLBA, GDPR and other compliance requirements requiring logging and monitoring of “events of interest”
  • Audit-ready reporting

Our Clients

Why Log Monitoring is now critical for your company

By | Log Monitoring

Every organization needs secure IT but sometimes companies miss a fundamental step: log file management.

There is a massive migration to the cloud. More IT infrastructures move to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud every day. Log analysis and log monitoring are both becoming more and more critical for your company. Performance of cloud based servers can fluctuate based on the loads, number of users and the environment and as a result, security and reliability can become significant problems. In all of this, Log analysis and management is the answer. DevOps engineers, system admins, engineers, and developers can use logs to make better data driven decisions. Servers and firewalls keep log files that record events. This information can provide data about hostile activity on your network. Log data can also provide information for identifying equipment problems before a major event occurs. However the volume of most log files makes quick analysis impossible. IT Logs can be massive. Log management tools provide real time analysis and reporting on what is happening within your cloud network or local environments relating hardware , threats, users or employee activity.

24/7 alerts and reporting

Log analysis software can automate the seemingly impossible process of reading logs and responding to their information. Managers usually use log analysis to become aware of security events that can affect the entire organization. The world of IT security is evolving fast. You need to ensure you have the network security in place to block threats. Organizations need a plan in place to deal with those threats. Log files will play an important part in your ongoing cloud security effort.

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Why Switch from Splunk to ELK?

By | Uncategorised

Even though Splunk is the market leader the ELK Stack fulfills a need in the log analytics space that’s not being addressed – price! Smaller businesses may not need all the functionality that Splunk offer and can save big by going with ELK. Not surprisingly ELK is downloaded more times in 30 days than Splunk’s total customer count – sounds crazy right?

From 10,000 feet: IT organizations have long been favoring open-source products in general, and this is why newer proprietary log analysis software platforms may not get the traction they need to survive.

Conclusion? Both Splunk and ELK Stack are good, enterprise-grade log management and analysis platforms. For smaller businesses who require more agility from an open source platform and a lower cost ELK is the way to go.

For more information on how to set up ELK or how it can benefit your company contact us.